Thursday, October 25, 2007

Talked with David today

I made sure that I talked with David today while I was home sick. (I've got a yucky cold)

We got to talk for about ten minutes. He told me about what he knows of his first fews days that he'll be gone, including hid flight. I could've sworn he said he'd be on a 757, but who knows, I'm sure it always changes.

He and Chelsey have ordered Skype phones, so we all will be doing the same. I told him that we'd e-mail him our Skype numbers so he can call us anytime. He ordered an uber Skype phone, one that will allow him to contact multiple numbers. Chelsey and all of us will be getting simple phones since David is the only number we'll be calling.

I told him I love him and he said that same to me. Seriously, ten years ago I never thought that we'd say those words to each other and actually mean it! Ha!

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