Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Eagle has landed

Well, 'Scooter', 'Crash', 'Lil Dave', has made it to Kuwait. After a 7hr flight from Hunter AAF, I arrived in Germany around 0400 EST, and after a 3hr wait, we boarded and left for Kuwait. Germany was cool. Got to see my first 5 EU bill, as well as a real-life German Sniper. ;) And when leaving Germany, I got to sit up in the cockpit with the pilot/co-pilot as we took off. That was friggin awesome. I took some nice pics of it and should have them up within a day or so. After another grueling 6hr flight (in which I was able to watch Harry Potter OOTP and Ugly Betty and ... (drawing a blank)... We got into kuwait around 4 this morning and after unloading bags, having a safety brief and finding a cot to sleep on, I was able to get some real food in me (Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza, courtesy of Sgt Brian Boutin ;). ) I went to bed around 0530 and was woken up around 1015. I then shaved and got ready and was told that we didnt have anything on the training schedule for today. I then went to the Chow Hall (DFAC), and had a nice lunch (Meatloaf, Potato Salad, Carrots, noodles w/ gravy, A coke and Mt Dew.) Also, I have saved some of my used bottles during my trip (One coke bottle from Germany and a water bottle from Kuwait.) Unfortunately the only net access is through a Net Cafe (too much bandwidth was tied up for wireless...) Well, my time is about up on this pc. But I will be stopping by the PX to pick up a power strip and power converter so that if and when they get wireless back up, I can take advantage of the skype phone and my other electronics. Much love to all the family and Chelsey. I love you so much and miss you dearly and know that your soldier is safe (and sweaty) and will talk to you when I can. I LOVE YOU!!

SPC McCarthy
Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom V


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Glad to hear the flight wasn't too terrible. I'm jealous that you got to observe the pilot during take off.

Thats pretty cool!

Great talking with you today!

Love ya lil' one!