Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey everyone!

I guess it has been awhile since I last posted. But yes, I am still alive and still helping to catch the bad guys, one at a time. Things have been going good here. Things certainly have picked up, yet tapered off at the same time. Weird huh? Working out at the gym has had its ups and downs. I am in better shape than I ever have yet my run time suffered on my PT test.

I do have some good news though. The only thing stopping me at this point from getting Fort Carson, CO is my PT Test. Once I pass it entirely, I am eligible for re-enlistment for Carson! So I have been working hard on my run, and once I have been smoke-free for 2 weeks, I will retake the PT test, and get the damn thing over with!! Shennie, I have received your Valentines Day package, but havent received the Easter one yet. There was apparently a mail issue at the mail hub here in IRAQ, but it seems to have been worked out.

Anywho, its late and I am exhausted and have to get up in 8 hours for my 2-mile run. So I am outie but I will KMHD and try to be on more since I should be getting internet in my CHU soon...


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Shennie said...

Yeah - great to hear from you. Good luck on quitting and running. You can do it. I just might have to go visit you when you get to Colorado! Never been there.