Saturday, March 22, 2008

PT Test and Lifestyle

Hey everyone. I have some great news today

For one, River City has been officially lifted (though they have yet to re-open the Call Center. Two, I passed my PT test this morning with flying colors (61 Pushups, 62, 14:25 2-mile). I also have been smoke-free for 72 hours. And finally. I am just waiting to hear back from my retention counselor that I have been accepted to PCS to Ft Carson in April of 09. Oh, and I kind of qualified expert on my M249 Squad Automatic Weapon today. So, as you can see I've had a pretty busy and productive day today. I wish I could call with this info, but I guess this works just as well!

I got your Easter Package today, Shennie, though I do not know when I will enjoy it since I am trying to slim down and bulk up at the same time. (Right now I am 72.5" tall, and 176lbs. and at 26 yrs old, that puts me at a mere 6% body fat(with a 30 waist and 16" neck). But my workout is going well still and I hope people will notice when I see you guys again! Well time is about up here so better finish this off and finish deleting the 600+ emails left in my inbox!!!


Shennie said...

Congratulations are definitely in order! You're having a banner week. Seems to be the way of the whole family this week. I better start saving my $$$ so that I can visit Colorado and O'Fallon.

KYHD - we love you and Happy Easter!

P.S. You can always share the goodies.

Jessica said...

Yeah! Congrats Soldier!

Thats really cool!

And...a 14 minute TWO mile?? WOAH, I could learn a thing or two from you!

Although, having qualified for "expert" means you basically won't have to run anywhere. You could pretty much take out anyone you needed to, right?!

Sounds like you're doing well!

We sure miss ya here!

Mom said...

We are VERY proud of you!! Though we had no doubt you could DO IT!!
Keep up the good work.
Love you lots, the mom & the dad