Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter is back!

Well - surprise, the weatherman got it wrong again! We were supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow between last night and tonight. Got up this morning and it was still sleeting - NO SNOW. Then they were saying the snow would start between 8 & 9 am........still NO SNOW! Radio DJ says, "snow is coming".......noontime - still NO SNOW. Finally, around 1pm it starts. YEAH!! I guess we probably got about 5 inches max here, but south county (St Louis) and St Louis city got about 10 inches. It is great snow for snowman building and throwing snowballs!! I would love this everyday....some people think I'm crazy, but nice, clean white snow looks alot better than brown grass, brown trees, dirty brown snow, etc. Right?? I think it is supposed to be cold until early next week when they are predicting temps in the 50's. Enjoy the snow and cold while you can- before you know it you'll be wishing for much cooler temperatures!!

Looks like we will be having Chelsey's birthday dinner this Sat. She has already put in her cake order. I am waiting for her dinner order. For those not familiar with our birthday dinners, each year each of our 4 children got to pick what they wanted for dinner on their birthday and what kind of cake/dessert they wanted. I would make this and we would have a family dinner and open birthday gifts after that. It is one of our family "customs" now and one that brings us all together at least 7 time a year now with 3 spouses added to our family! This way everybody gets their own special day with dinner, dessert and gifts. Until her death in 2005, their Grandma C would always call and sing Happy Birthday to them also.

Maybe DA can call Sat while we are all together so we can all say Hi!!

Until then, stay safe, thank your buddies for serving their country from all of us, and KYHD!!

Lots of love,
the Mom

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Chelsey said...

We had snow all day at our house.