Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Night Was Fun Too!

When I got home there were two calls from the mom asking me to call cuz they were logged on and chatting with DA. I'm pretty good with a computer, but I was trying to get Yahoo Messenger set up in fast forward, I felt like I was all thumbs! Luckily I had Donut on the phone helping me. My biggest problem was the sensitivity of the keypad mouse. I kept accidentally moving everything to the background when I'd hit the mouse at the wrong time. Finally, I got everyone's webcam window, chat window and conference window all up in front. We had some good laughs and thanx for welcoming me to the 21st century, Scoots. Now, can you come here and help me with my iPod?

You look good - a little tired but I know it was the middle of the night for you.

Well, breakfast calls and so does a day full of projects and errands. I've got a mess to clean up in the garage. I had taken some garbage out the other day to get ready to go to the dump (excuse me, in Southboro we don't have a dump, we have a transfer station) but I forgot to close the garage door that night! Le's just say, the local vermin had a buffet! Tonight is the roast beef dinner at church ~ it's always a good time.

Great to "talk" to you last night; can't wait to do it again soon.

Love you and KYHD!

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