Thursday, March 20, 2008

Package on the way!!

DA - I got a package mailed out to you today (Thursday), but I forgot to put the movie in it!! SORRY. However, Chelsey says that she has to send a box out to you...something about some boots.....I will give the movie to her to include in her box.

Well - the american justice system is alove and well in southwest IL. I completed my jury duty yesterday. Without going into detail - let's just say that it was no Perry Mason courtroom!! It was a serious trial and I do believe that justice was served. I hope that it is a while before I have to do it again. This one was not fun.

BTW - we got a new recliner/loveseat for the family room. We will still keep the individual recliners here, but the dad and I still enjoy sitting next to one another (even after 33 years of marriage and 4 kids!) to watch TV so we went out and bought a dual recliner. I also got some new valances for the living room, but I have to wait for my decorator's (Jessica's) OK to put them up!!

It was good to see your post. Keep up the good work in giving up smoking and training for your PT test! I know you can do it. Colorado Springs is beautiful....though a little farther away than Ft Campbell! We have lots of friends out there so be prepared for us to visit frequently!!

Love you lots...KYHD!

the Mom
P.S. Many thanks to you and all your buddies for a job well done and for servng your country!!

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