Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring for a day!!

Well - if you were not in Illinois yesterday, you missed our Spring!! Today it is cold and wet and they are predicting 5-8 inches of snow sometime between tonight and noon tomorrow. This morning it was just wet, but as I was leaving the office (about 3:00 ~ 1500hrs) it was turning to sleet. Tonight it is supposed to change to snow - go figure.

Not only this, but then I learn that Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend! YUK!! It is still winter!!!!! It's not even Easter yet!! They'll probably be putting the Christmas decorations out in the stores again next week!! Time sure flys when the government gets involved!!

BTW, DA - I recharged your calling card problem. Not sure what happened yesterday when I tried to do it.

Hope Chelsey had a safe trip to and back from Colorado. I am hoping to have her and the rest of the fam over sometime this week for her birthday dinner. Will have to co-ordinate with all now that everyone is back from their travels.

Guess that's about it for now.

Stay safe and KYHD!!
Love you lots,
the Mom

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