Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Morning, Part II

I just got home from church - Palm Sunday, you know. After almost getting our eyes poked out by over-enthusiastic kiddies waving palms, it was decided to send them off to Sunday School. I wish the weather would pretend that it's Easter ~ it's been cold and raw here this week. Even tho' they say it's been in the 40s, it's been raw.

I went to a craft fair with a friend yesterday ~ bought a couple things. One was a heart - painted in red, white, and blue ~ and Army green ~ that says "Proud of Our Army". It's now hanging in my kitchen window! Later we were looking for a place to have lunch and found a new restaurant in a new shopping center. It's called Ted's Montana Grill. Now, you may have them out in the midwest, but this is the first one in our area. It's sorta along the lines of a Ruby Tuesdays, Applebees, etc. but they specialize in steaks and hamburgers. Their steaks and/or hamburgers are either made of beef or bison. Hmmmmmmmm. Carol and I decided to share a hamburger platter and we got their C.O.B. ~ cheddar, onion and beef (or bison); we opted for the bison. It's a little different ~ a little "zippier". Not bad though. Probably an acquired taste. I can't say it was bad, but a little more tangier than beef. The one nice feature about the restaurant is that it is "green" ~ "tablecloths" are oil cloth covered with brown wrapping paper; cloth (reusable) napkins; cardboard/biodegradable straws; everything is made fresh on the premises; they have no microwaves (OH _ BTW - Do you have a microwave in your trailer?); none of the food comes frozen. It was quite interesting. The decor is simple. ...and they had the best pickles!!!!! know - the kind that almost taste like a cucumber - with just a little zip to them. Oh - and a huge bison's head hanging over the bar!

Then I went to the grocery store there and got butter because I had to make a double batch of shortbread last night to take to a reception at church this afternoon. Everyone at church likes my shortbread and it is so easy to make. Maybe I can get some made to send to you. Do you like it?

I agree with the mom ~ how 'bout doing some posting on the blog? I'd love to hear what you're up to. Good luck on quitting smoking. It took me a long time and it finally came down to being unconscious for the first 4 days ~ after that, the cravings diminish!

Dishes to do and time to clean out the stuff at the back of the fridge! Then, off to church to help with the reception; the choir is doing a requiem. YUK! Too much work for such ugly and depressing results. I'll knit downstairs.

Have you received either of my packages? ..Valentine's? ...Easter?

KYHD and love you ~


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Chelsey said...

He's gotten Valentine's.