Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another box #2

DA - I got my last box mailed out to you today. I hope you and your buddies will have some fun with it even though it has nothing to do with computers or x-box 360!

Heard you talked with the Dad today. That's great! I took care of the stuff you asked me about on Thursday. I delivered it in person, but Chelsey was busy at her appt that you had arranged for her. Hope it works?!

We had some snow here Thursday, then rain and it has been cold, wet, and damp ever since. I think it is supposed to be like this through Tuesday. I would much prefer snow - I hope the weatherman is listening!!

We have started receiving Christmas cards - I guess that means I need to start working on getting ours done. I'm debating on a Christmas letter this year. I may just do cards...we'll see.
Having a tree up would probably help to get me in the spirit but that hasn't happened yet in spite of Katie promising she would do it now for about 2 weeks!! Shennie - I HOPE we have one up by the time you arrive!!!

Not much in the way of news tonight. Hope all is well 1/2 way around the world.

Stay safe and KYHD....

Love you,
the Mom

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