Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nice lil break

So, after working for the past 12-odd days (with an actual day off), we got to experience... rain... Thats right, it rained here in iraq. And it was enough to ground ALL aerial vehicles that cannot for sometime. So Our job was put on hold only an hour into our 2nd mission. Crazy huh? I got to talk to Chelsey for a bit during the break between missions and even told her that with the way weather was looking, we might get grounded. And sure enough, the funny feeling in my bones paid off. Anywho, things are going good for the most part, except that despite regulations, they are saying that I may not get a CHU. Our PLT is certainly fighting for me and other operators currently without CHUs. Basically it was a matter of the other PLTs saying that "its not fair" (something that we get a lot of), and that we shouldnt get priority on CHUs even though it states directly in AR 95-23 that operators and maintainers will be granted hardened shelters due to the nature of our job. Basically, with needing crew rest (and 8 hrs uninterrupted sleep), we need to have a setting which can be achieved that way. Sleeping in tents that people constantly go in and out of, turning lights on and off, doesnt achieve that. With CHUs, we are typically on opposite shifts of our roommate, and we can lock the door and keep the lights off. But as they say, this is mission essential and sometimes you have to bend (or break) the regs to get the mission done. But we will see how long that lasts when there is an accident.

Well, no mail has come today, so I am still expecting packages from Shennie and The Mom, as well as the xmas/bday presents... Hopefully by that time, I will have my CHU (or permanent tent) and a working Xbox 360. Well, times a short and have to get my beauty sleep...


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