Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Patriotic cars!!

Congratulations to Shennie on her new car. Hers is red and my two are blue and white!! (hence the title!) Jessica and I got to talk to David for about 20 minutes yesterday (11/27). He had the day off so he sounded well and rested. He told us a little bit more about the Camp and the happenings - some interesting stuff...nothing to share on the blog, though. He was hoping to move into more permanent living quarters soon since the brigrade they are replacing has all left. Once he is moved in, I am sure he will feel more settled and comfortable. One thing he did mention was that it was actually getting "cold" there at night...~40 degrees Farenheit. During the day the temps are around 70. I guess that is better than arriving there in the heat of the summer when temps can reach 130 degrees!

Well - I have officially started my Christmas shopping and I am sure that Walmart and Kohl's appreciate that! We are actually trying to keep gift giving reasonable this year. The kids all drew names (except for DA). The dad and I still get to buy for everyone!! See what happens when you put the kids in charge!

DA - I will be putting a box together this week and getting it mailed out. Some will be Christmas, the rest just "stuff". You can open it whenver you want. I will wrap the Christmas stuff so you can save that for the 25th, and open the rest when you get the box.

Jennie and I went to the Clay Aiken concert at the Fox last night. It was very good. He has quite a voice range and had some nice new arrangements for some Christmas songs. My only recommendation as he continues in his career is that he develop "stage presence". Last night, he just stood and sang. I'm sure that wil come with time and experience.

Gotta run - timer is going off indicating that dinner is ready!!

Love you & KYHD,
the Mom


T. said...

You should treat yourself to a Clay Aiken concert at another time, as well. He has decided for this tour that he's not bantering with the audience, because he wanted it to be more about the celebration of Christmas.

Normally, he is a riot!! Dancing, laughing, joking, kidding with the audience, you name it. I think you'd enjoy it. If you ever get the chance.........go for it!!!

lynnie said...

I am so happy that you enjoyed Clay Aiken's concert. I couldn't help but laugh at your concert first timer comment about Clay developing stage presence. In all of his other concerts he has been as much a stand up comic as a singer. He is hilarious...not only dancing and "grinding" with the back up singers but jumping down into the audience to interact with the fans. The fans who have followed him forever are thinking, while he decided to do this concert with "more dignity" we feel he must be in agony standing in one place. But it was important to him to, as the previous comment said, bring the celebration of Cmas into it....and as he not so elegantly (lol) put it in a blog to his fans..Christmas isn't a time for grinding with a back up singer and fart jokes. If another concert comes your will love snarky funny Clay and his stunning voice.

Chelsey said...

You catch on to everything.

Shennie said...

You're doing MY shopping at Walmart and/or Kohl's? Whatever happened to Talbot's, Laura Ashley's, Vera Bradley's, Bloomie's, Coach?