Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Talked to David again

Well - we talked to David again. He called the office late this morning. Jessica and I got to talk to him for a few minutes, then we lost the connection. Actually, Jessica was moving her phone so I wouldn't have to yell (speaker phone) and we got disconnected. David sounded good - and we were able to get the calling card information from him. While in Kuwait he is able to use the AT&T calling center, so....we can get him AT&T calling cards for international use. Just google AT&T calling cards - they even have some specifically for the military.

I also talked with Chelsey today. She and her Dad are cleaning the apartment and tomorrow (WED) she has her housing inspection and then they will be on the road. Her mom is already back in town with the cats who will joining our menagerie momentarily. They will be here temporarily and then on to Arizona for the duration of the deployment.

The weekend was busy - the dad and I worked and then started car shopping for me. We also met with some contractors who may be doing some work on the house in the near future.

Katie had a job interview today. Hoorah!!! She won't know about getting the job until early next week, but an interview is better than nothing.

The kitties have landed! Laura, Will and Will's girlfriend just dropped off the kitties. They are having fun exploring their temporary digs. The resident cats are not too happy, but they will survive. A nice big wooden door will keep them separate for 36-72 hours.

Enough from the mom - keep up the good work and KYHD!!

Love you lots, the mom

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Jessica said...

Ah! I didn't know you were housing the kitties for now! Craig and I need to come over so he can meet them :)

I want Coop to meet Raj and Prince, too. They'll have fun together!

Oh, and Dave, I apologize for accidentally hanging up on you earlier today (or yesterday by the time you read this)!