Thursday, November 1, 2007

How's the weather?

Happy November!

Seems to me someone I know has a birthday this month. Actually that someone's mother also has a birthday this month. But we won't mention any names or ages.

Just to keep you posted on what Jennie's left kidney is doing this weekend, it's going to Maine. It's leaving Mass. tomorrow afternoon (after its car is checked for a leak) and it'll be there until Sunday morning. It's going to be treated to great seafood - clam chowdah, fried clams, maybe a shrimp cocktail and possibly some good swordfish or some north Atlantic halibut. It will be so spoiled. To make up for all that good food, it is going to spend time going in and out of shops. I know that is one of its favorite things to do. We wouldn't want to disappoint it, now would we. Maybe, if time permits and it's current owner gets lucky, it'll go over to see where it lived for a couple years while your dad was stationed at Pease. Last year it visited the school that it went to for 2 years. We'll hit the usual stores, but I do stay away from the Kittery Trading Post - too much orange, flannel and camouflage for me!

I hope the weather over there isn't too horrible. It should be interesting this weekend while we're at the coast ~ there's a hurricane moving northeast up along the Atlantic seaboard. It'll be well out to sea, but I'm sure the waves will be quite spectacular. If I could figure out how to download pictures from my cell phone, I'd load them in and attach them to one of my messages.


Love, Shennie

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