Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fam!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am really lost today. I do not have a crowd coming for turkey, stuffing, gravy,mashed potatoes, sweet potates and all the other goodies known to make for a wonderful T'day meal. It is a nice break though - because the above mentioned crowd + will be at the house for Christmas!! The only one not joining us in body will be David, though he will never be far from our thoughts and always in our prayers. I am thankful that he got to post a note today and I hope he gets some much needed rest. Sweet dreams.....

In a little while we will be heading to MO for an awesome family gathering with lots of food and fun! This "crowd" is a fantastic family that Jennie had the priviledge of marrying into. They are a fun and loving family that will be celebrating their first holiday season without their mom. She was a very special person. She raised 8 super kids who have continued her love of family by raising some very special kids of their own. I can hardly wait to celebrate this day with them!!

While Jessica and the hubs will not be with us today - they to are joining a very special family to celebrate the day. We wish them a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

Chelsey and her family likewise will be with extended family in MO. I know that it will be a special day for them. I wish them safe travels and good times.

David - we will take lots of pictures today and post them ASAP so that you can share the day with us in spirit. We love you and miss you. Please know that there will be an even more special Thanksgiving dinner when you return home safe and sound.

Love and thanks to you and ALL the troops,

the Mom

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