Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sorry that I have not posted in a while, but I have a good reason... last night was the annual trivia night fundraiser for my workplace. We are a nonprofit organization, so fundraisers keep our doors open and providing quality educational programs. Trivia Night went well, but I'll find out tomorrow how well. Hopefully, it will be well enough that we will be able to continue to do these year after year. I think that even if they do not provide large amounts of cash, they do get our name out there.

There was a ton of food leftover from last night, so we invited Mom, Dad, Jessi, Craig, Matt and Scott, Robin and Aidan. Jessi and Mom are both getting over being sick, so oh, darn, I got to hold, feed and play with Aidan the whole time. Loads of good practice for when I have my own, though! Football and babies... sweet. Oh yeah, the Rams FINALLY won a game. 1 and 8. What a great record, right?

Tomorrow, Chelsey comes back from Arizona. Have a safe trip!

Dave, KYHD! Love ya! P.S. You get a trailer? That's pretty cool!

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