Friday, November 2, 2007

What is going on here??

OK - this is really wierd!! I have talked with David more since he left than the whole time he was in the states!! Katie and I are sitting in Chevy's having some chips and salsa when my phone rings. It was David calling from Kuwait! The connection was really bad, but we did get to talk a little. Katie got to say HI also. Another thing - she actually said I love you and stay safe to her big brother!! Talk about being wierd!! I guess there is hope after all. She also said that she can hardly wait for Chelsey to get back up here to hang out with her. (They are very close in age with Katie being older!) Kate said she thought Chelsey would be a good influence on her. I agree!! No pressure Chelsey!!

Well- now that David is settling into Kuwait our next big project is to get Chelsey back here safe and sound with all her animals and household goods. Once that is accomplished, we will work on the holidays. Only 53 days until Christmas...even less time to Thanksgiving - with a few birthdays thrown in for good luck.

Gotta run and get some more errands done. Today is car-fixin' day. The buick and the chevy both needed work.

Thanks to all for keeping us all up to date.

David - I love you and miss you even though you keep calling!! Kepp up the good work and KYHD!!

Love- The Mom

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Jessica said...

Yea Chelsey, get up here and straighten katie out!


I told Chels that we'll pick a day every other week to have her over for dinner.

Oh great, that means I have to cook once every other week.