Tuesday, November 13, 2007


OK, so I went shopping last night after work. Um, yeah. Holy crap. I bought way too much stuff, but I figure that David will be happy.

I've got his Birthday and his Christmas taken care of. A package will be sent today to "welcome" him to camp. I gave Jessi the Christmas stuff I got for him so she can send one big Christmas package from all of us.

Also, I visited Let'sSayThanks and sent a few Thank You cards to random soldiers. Then I sent an e-mail to just about every e-mail address I could remember/find to ask my friends and family to also go send cards. It's a website by the Xerox Company that allows people to choose a card (designed by kids around the country), choose a thank you greeting and Xerox prints it and sends it for FREE to a soldier serving overseas. How awesome is that? Go Xerox!

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