Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On the Road/Phone Cards

First order of buiness, Mom had a great idea with the AAFES phone cards. I actually already bought David one, and I figure it might be easier for him to keep track of his numbers and minutes if those people wanting to buy him a phone card just restock the minutes on the card he already has. If you want to do that, give me a call and I'll give you the card information. That way he won't have multiple phone cards to keep track of.

Second order of business: we're on the road, literally. I'm in the Uhaul with Dad (YAY for satellite internet). We left at a little after 1330 EST, and we're on our way home. It's going to be a long trip. The Garmin has us getting in at around 0130 CST, but with stops it'll probably be at least an hour later than that. Right now I'm working on installing Yahoo messenger on Dad's computer because I think David's online. Apparently he hasn't had much to do today.

The moving out inspection went fine. The GMH lady found no damages, so we didn't have to pay anything extra. We finally got everything out of the house, and amazingly, everything did fit. The cleaning went smoothly, and now we're moved out (sorry David, I wasn't able to get pictures). The first David and Chelsey lovepad is empty. I'm looking forward to being home and seeing everyone. Wish us a safe and seemingly short ride home.

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