Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Packing, the Saga

So, by the time I got home last night I still had to cook supper, finish laundry, do dishes and iron so your package is still sitting in the old box without the ziplock bags. I PROMISE to get it done and in the mail by Saturday. Look at it this way, we'll stretch your birthday out over several days. Won't it be more fun to get mail on different days than all on one day? Say, "Yes, Shennie, it will." Humor me.

So, the Mom got a new car. My birthday is coming up in 2 months. Hint, Hint to everyone who reads this. Hyundi, huh? I'm not up for something as big as a Santa Fe, but whatever it is has to sit up off the ground. I don't want to step down to get into the car.

Do they plan a Thanksgiving celebration for you, Scoots? Sure could have used your techy self today. I've got a very tempermental PC that is on its last legs and I had to fight with it all morning to get it to stay booted up long enough so that we could back up what's on it. You see, the IT dept. here at work is questionable at best and the folks that are here in the department who think they know what they're doing, really don't. So that's when they tell me that I should do it. Not a good morning. We/They finally got it to stay booted long enough so that we could copy the files onto a CD since the external drive we have for backups wouldn't get recognized. Am I ranting? At least I know you wouldn't have made me get down on the floor to try to unhook and hook stuff up. Geeeesh! I'm getting too old for this!

Now I'm here alone at work. You know the old expression - while the cat's away the mice will play. I'll just leave it at that.

So, watch for my package to arrive in a couple weeks and apologize to the mailman for the hernia!

KYHD! Love you.../s

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Mom said...

Shennie - You might look at the Hyundai Tuscon - it is smaller than the Santa Fe.