Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Moving Moving Moving

Well, almost everything is packed and cleaned. We just have the kitchen and some spot cleaning on the carpets to do. We originally had a 17' truck meant for a 1-2 bedroom apartment, but Dad looked at all our stuff and said we should upgrade, so we got a 26' truck. I was doubtful that we would need that much space, but boy did we. It is crazy how much stuff we have. We probably could have packed tighter, but by the end it was completely full, and so is the Elantra. I never would have guessed. It's really late now, but I'm talking to David on messenger again. We were able to talk for an hour this morning on the phone, and then an hour and a half this evening on messenger and I got to see him on his webcam, and now again. It sucks because I have to get up in sixish hours, but I don't want to stop talking to him. Ah, amore. He got online at about two in the morning his time (six my time) so that we could talk online when the connection was less busy and use webcams, and now I'm up at two in the morning to talk to him.

Well, I'm busy trying to get up the nerve to let him go. I hate having to get off before he does, but it's so late. It's such a hard decision, sleep vs. love. Ok, well, I'm at least ending this post. See you all Thursday. Yes, Thursday is unloading day now. I hope everyone got the memo.

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