Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Response

Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I am doing ok despite no contact for a few days (which may become a pattern for reasons outside my control). Basically (without going into much detail), we were in a comms blackout (or as we call it, River City). Lets just say that we dont go into blackout unless something bad happens in the unit (cough cough). So we have been in blackout from the 15th or so till this morning, which is typical timeframe for such things.

On a lighter note, I would like to say that I got to fly for the first time Friday! I was able to launch and recover a bird which was a good feeling. They definitely do things MUCH smoother down here. It feels fast as first, but I have already caught on to where the Instructor Operator (IO from now on), has said that I am qualified enough to move out to the Forward Site (still on the FOB) and fly missions from there. I also got 2 launches and recoveries in yesterday as well. I struggled a lil bit the 1st flight yesterday since I have been feeling a lil under the wind the past 3 days, but my 2nd flight went off without any issues whatsoever, so its all good.

Hopefully my PLT Sgt will be going through the mail handler course soon so that he can pick up any and all packages that are waiting for me. So anywho, I will try calling later 2nite once I've had one or two more missions. I love you guys!!! I Love you CHELSEY! MUAH!


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Chelsey said...

Ok, I'm a geek, but was I the only person who read "river street" and thought "I wonder if they call it that after the ancient Greek/Roman belief that the dead went down the river Styx to Hades"?