Thursday, November 15, 2007

Talked to the Soldier!!

Just got off the phone with David. He sounded tired today. It was about 5:00 Iraq time and he hadn't had much sleep. Hopefully he will sound better next time. He said that he starts his "job" Saturday so that is good. I'm sure working will help the time go by quicker. OH - he did say to use "FOB" instead of "Camp" for the time being. Also - he will not have such a trek to get to work. While in Kuwait, he had to walk quite a distance to get anywhere from the living quarters. He says that now things are much closer.

In spite of him sounding tired, it was still good to talk with him. Jessica got to talk to him also. It sounds like it might be a while before he can get his SKYPE phone up and running so....we will keep his calling card loaded!!

Must sign off now...

Love you lots.
the Mom

P.S. the Dad sends his love. Hopefully you'll be able to talk with him soon!

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Chelsey said...

So does this make you a "fobbit?" Dad says yes.