Friday, November 23, 2007

Long time, No see

It's me. Sorry about the non-posting lately. I haven't spent any time on the computer lately. It's been kinda nice :)

We had a great Thanksgiving! We're currently in KY with Craig's family. Yesterday we went to his Aunt's house where 25+ of us gathered to enjoy a lot of food and good company.

After eating a nice big lunch, we had some dessert and then hung around and chatted with everyone. About 5pm, we came home and relaxed. Then about 6pm, we hit White Castle! It was yummy, too.

Then, about 9:30pm, I hit the sack because the mother and sister-in-law joined me for some early morning shopping today!! Thats right, I woke up at 4am and was out the door by quarter after! We hit Wal-Mart (to buy mom's gift!!! I hope she likes it...I got up super early to get it for her), Kohls, Macy's, Pennys, and Ann Taylor Loft. We each got some great deals. I bought a few things I was in desperate need! Haha!

Cooper is doing well. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting his cousin, Merton (a black lab). They had a ball. And, Cooper humped Merton. A lot.

We also got to spend some good time with our niece, Searcy. She's a doll. Here's proof:

Sounds like everyone enjoyed their Holiday. We didn't get to talk to David :( But we know he's been working hard.

Sure hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Love to all,



Mom said...

No doubt you got kicked out of bed by the hubs @ 4:00 due to the White Castle visit @ 6 !!

Shennie said...

So you're one of those crazy folks! What did you get me?