Friday, November 9, 2007

Many thanks!

From The Mom - Many, many thanks for all the birthday wishes today. It has been a great one. Every time I turn around, I'm getting and e-mail, text message, blog message or phone call from someone with birthday wishes. As Katie and I were doing some yard work, the floral delivery guy showed up with a beautiful arrangement from some friends at work! I really am blessed to have such a loving family and so many wonderful friends.

Oh - to Shennie - thanks for the apples!! The dad had to try one last night for a bedtime snack. He said it was to make sure they were safe for me to eat!! Yeah....right....

Today the kitties head to Arizona with the wife. The kitties are staying there for the duration of the deployment. The wife is just visiting her friends for a couple of days. The "resident" cats and the "kitties" have been in the same house for 3 days and never met. We kept each couple sequestered when the others were roaming the house. It all went remarkably well thanks to having a big house. Though not as big as Chelsey's folks place!! We pray for safe travels for the kitties and the wife during this very special Veteran's Day weekend. It certainly has taken on a renewed extra-special meaning for me this year.

To David - PLEASE be sure to pass on all of our heartfelt appreciation to all of your colleagues in Kuwait and Iraq as you embark on this mission. Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.

The family has already begun to plan for birthday and Christmas boxes for you. Any special requests?? Let us know ASAP as we need to get them in the mail VERY SOON.

We spoke to Kevin and Gene last night . They send their best to you.

Keep in touch.

Love you.

The Mom

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