Friday, November 23, 2007

Car Buying

Yes, I realize that this is my second blog today, but I just came back from 2 hours of car shopping and I'm no farther along than I was when I left the house this morning. I'm going to go online and look for a car dealer that is owned and staffed by women!

At the first dealership, I parked my car and got out and walked up and down the rows looking for either a Camry or a Rav4 - preferably in red. I found one Camry that was red but it had 26K miles. I walked around for about 15 minutes and NO ONE came out to talk to me. I saw several salesmen standing in the showroom. I know I'm short, but I'm pretty sure they saw me! So, I got in my car and went to a second dealer. Now, to be fair, this place was busy! But I drove around the lot several times and finally parked my car and went in. I had several of the staff smile and say hello and keep on walking. I strolled around the showroom a couple times and even stood and drooled over a brand new Barcellona Red Camry that was in a special showroom ~ twice ~ and no one came near me. Honest, I took a shower this morning and was even carrying my COACH bag. As I was leaving, one of the salesmen preceded me out the door and asked me if I was sure I wanted to go out in the cold? I saw the salesmen go up to two couples that came in after me and ask them if they were being helped. They were wandering just as I was.

So, maybe tomorrow morning I'll stop at another dealership down in Westboro. Let's see what happens there. I had thought about renting a male to go with me but I'm going to see how long it takes to get service at a car dealer as a lone female. Do I have to walk in waving a teller's check to be believable? I used to think that this kind of story was a myth ~ guess not.

Enough venting for one day.

Oh, I had a turkey sandwich made with all the leftovers today for lunch. MMMMMMMMM - was that good! Almost as good if not better than the original meal.

Back to knitting!


Love you ~ Shennie

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Chris said...

We've purchased two vehicles in the past month and a half. When I was looking for my Corvette the dealers were very receptive. When we were looking for a second vehicle for Natalie they were far less responsive. We finally had to find a manager and he found us a salesperson.