Monday, November 26, 2007

Car, cont...

So, I checked with the DCU this morning. They'll give me a loan at .8 less than the dealer so I'm going with that. Also, I checked with my mechanic about checking out my investment and he's buried right now but when I told him about the car, he said that he could think of nothing that might be wrong with it. ...unless it had been dropped off the back of a flatbead. I'll even get a copy of the carfax report on the car and the Mass. Lemon Law is on my side should I need it. He has even dealt with the dealer and finds them friendly, honest, efficient and very good to deal with. So, I've got a call into the salesman and as soon as he calls back, I'll go over and give him the down payment and sign all the papers. Then he gets to deal with the DCU, the registry, the insurance company, etc.
Hopefully I'll pick up the car on my way to work Wednesday morning or on my way home from work tomorrow night. GULP!
It's rainy here today but quite balmy for 11/26. Speaking of which - Happy Birthday, Daddy!
The Patriots pulled it out last night ~ PHEW!. I only stayed up until the score was 14-14. It was a tit-for-tat game. For every one of our TD's, Philly got one. They were good. Luckily we pulled it out in the end. What happened to the Rams? I do root for them ~ as long as they're not playing the Pats.
Have my packages arrived yet, Scoots? I mailed them a couple days after JJ mailed hers. Apologize to the mail person - one of them is heavy - but I wanted to get my money's worth out of the post office.
Back to work or whatever it is that I do here.
Love you and KYHD!

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