Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I sent the "Welcome/birthday" package today. I took all the stuff I bought you to the post office and got it all to fit in one Flat Rate Priority Mail Box. It cost less than $10 to mail it out. So be on the lookout for a box from me and Ben!

Tomorrow I'm going to Old Time Pottery Barn cuz they are having a WAY cool X-mas sale, so it looks like I may not have to wait to buy a 9' tree for our upstairs. Since we have a vaulted ceiling in the living room, our current tree looks tiny, so a 9' tree must be purchased (like how I rationalize that?). We'll put our old tree downstairs. With all his sci-fi decorations, it'll fit in perfectly down there, since that is where all his video games, computers, DVD's and stuff are located.

So, anyone want to join me? Mom? Jess? Chelsey? Give me a call on my cell to let me know if you plan on shopping with me. Also, Chelsey, do you need help getting your stuff organized? I have stuff to do Saturday morning, but should be available by 11 a.m. Ben, Matt and Jessi are upgrading computer stuff at work, so I'll be bored with nothing to do and would be more than happy to help. Just say the word and I'm there. Call my cell and leave a message if you're interested and available.

Can't wait to talk to you on our Skype phone! KYHD! Love ya! -Big Sis #1

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