Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The People's Republic of Cambridge

For those of you not familiar with Cambridge, it is the home of two VERY prestigious universities and thousands of bleeding-heart liberals. For every tree in Cambridge, there's at least 3 tree huggers. There must be something in the air on that side of the Charles River. Why am I ranting about Cambridge in this blog. Let me explain by quoting one of the reporters on a local radio stations:

Cambridge does it again. This time it's to the Boy Scouts Troop 45 of Cambridge. All the troop wanted to do was put some donation boxes at city polling locations on election day to collect items for a care package for Cambridge military members deployed overseas. At first the city election department agreed and the Scouts put the plan into action. On election day after receiving a complaint the city election department pulled the collection boxes from the polling locations. The scouts were out of luck.

This is where Dan Rea comes in. While speaking with scout troop leader James Patterson the day after the election Dan Rea's listeners started calling in and suggested a new collection location. That location is the studios of WBZ News Radio. With the troop's help WBZ is making space for their collection boxes to be placed in the lobby of the WBZ's 1170 soldier's Field Road studios.

* * * * *
The tree huggers felt that by placing the boxes around town, they were supporting the war.

A hue and cry went out around the state and around the country. From all reports, the mayor's office and the Cambridge official website were inundated with all kinds of hate mail. It was fodder for water cooler discussions, editorials in all kinds of media, and a general disdain for the municipality's actions.

As a result, they are doing a huge amount of back-pedaling. They're falling all over themselves trying to make amends. Most of it is a lot of nothing and a poor excuse for rationale. Though they have never come out and apologized for their actions, they are now putting boxes in all municipal buildings in Cambridge trying to make up for their initial stupidity. Too little, too late.

To the folks in the people's republic of Cambridge I say shut up, wake up and grow up!

God bless our Troops!

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