Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day and News

Hi everyone, and a somewhat belated happy Thanksgiving. Our short trip to see family for Thanksgiving was really nice. I haven't seen my aunt, uncle, and cousins since Christmas, so it was nice to visit and still be able to come home that night. I hope David was able to reach everyone else, he said he was going to call, but his leave dates have been confirmed. Unfortunately, it's about a week too late to get to the Stargate convention, but I think somehow we'll deal. He sounds good, though he hasn't made it to a CHU yet (yeah, I was like "huh?" too. It's a combat housing unit). He was actually told to tell everyone to get Christmas presents in the mail before the end of November, so I guess everyone just needs to assume on the safe side and mail things out as soon as possible. For those of you still present hunting, I bought him Rock Band for his birthday, so don't buy it (he already knows, so I'm not spoiling anything).

Well, it's almost three in the morning, so I'm going to bed. Hope everyone had a great turkey day!

Oh, and PS, Jess, I don't know what time zone you have this blog set for, but it's three hours off for central time.

One more thing too, David said it's possible that he will be getting home next October/November. Something about how leave relates to the end of deployment and talk around the FOB. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

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