Monday, November 12, 2007

Kitty Drop-Off

Well, the kitty drop-off went well. The plane flight didn't seem to traumatize them too much, and they adapted to Sarah and Jake's apartment really well. They're still getting used to their dogs, GIR and Cody, because they are smaller than Rajah and Prince, and therefore expect the cats to play with them. It was great seeing Sarah and Jake again. We had a lot of great food (In-n-out, Buffallo Wild Wings, and this amazing Mexican place I can't remember the name of), played laser tag, and went to Jerome, which is near Sedona and has great shops and amazing views. It was also really great to visit Arizona in general since David and I will probably wind up living there, though near Tucson, not Phoenix. Anyway, I'm at the USO at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, which is really nice. I was hoping David would be on, but no, so hopefully we'll be able to talk soon. This has been a really good trip so far, I'll see everyone soon.

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