Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, today compromised of A LOT of walking to get to training classes. First, I was woken up early for weapon accountability and then again an hour later for the 3 S(s)...Shower, shave....all that good stuff. I then walked with a couple UAV guys to the chow hall and had Canadian Bacon, mushy scrambled eggs (which I later passed up), and biscuits... After chow we went back to the tent where we waited till 0730 to go to our first class. Well, apparently there was a mix up and our unit got bumped back on the class, so we were released until 0930. We then marched nearly 2 miles to our next class. After that class, we proceeded immediately to our next training, which turned out to be for a neurophysiological evaluation (its supposed to set a baseline in case in the future we have TBI(trauma brain injury aka concussions). We then were released for lunch and didnt have to report back till 1600 for our final/first class. That class turned out to be the best of the bunch. We had a british soldier teaching it and he was hilarious. Throughout the presentation, he was making remarks and comical comments like how the british have 5,500 troops in iraq, and when it showed the slide for how many US troops, he was like jush in Baghdad there are 100 hundred and ****ing twelve thousand troops. Thats bloody 20 times the size of the entire Royal Army. He then made a few cracks at the French on how the Slovenk have 4 troops (yes, 4 troops) in iraq, whereas the French have ZERO...
The rest of the day is pretty much laid back*had some subway for lunch, and burger king for dinner* I have tomorrow off so I should be able to get some stuff done like re-pack my bags to be easier to get to stuff I need. Well, Hope all is well back home!
I love you guys!


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Jessica said...

Hows the weather? Is it hot there?

Thats hilarious about the British solider cracking on the French. Nice to know we (the USA) aren't the only ones who crack on the French :)

I love getting online at night and reading your posts! Keep 'em up!