Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, after being woke up at 0600 for a 0900 hours formation, we left about 1030 for Aliasaleen. We probably waited there for an hour or two and were airborne by 1515. Now mind you that all indications pointed that we were leaving on a C-130 *which would have ROYALLY* sucked. However, we arrived on the flightline, we saw a C-17 being fueled and were instructed that it was in fact our plane. Once aboard the aircraft, you could see that there were probably about 20-some rows of 6 seats in the middle of the aircraft with about 30 jumpseats on either side, and finally the luggage loaded in the rear. A SRA instructed us that it was going to be a quick flight to BIAP (Baghdad Internation Airport). We then loaded up the doors, and were on our way. It was quite a smooth ride for the most part, even with the combat drop. Now for those who are wondering what in the world is a combat drop: A combat drop is a aerial maneuver in which the pilot slowly descends as he approaches the runway. Then without warning, your stomach gets lifted into your mouth as the pilot does a downward dive which prevents enemy fire from tracking the aircraft as it is about to land.: Now everyone has experienced turbulence on an aircraft which gives a familiar feeling, well this one wasnt nearly as bad as a C-5's combat drop which gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling for about 15-20 seconds as opposed to our 10 second drop. After landing in Baghdad, we grabbed our bags and loaded them in columns for the different flights. We then proceeded to follow our senses to the nearest DFAC to enjoy some much, much needed food. The DFAC was really nice, and the food was good. After chow, we walked back to the flightline and waited... And waited... And waited for each chinook to land and a chock MIGHT load up onto it. We Probably left around 2300ish Local time and landed about 2345ish. From there we scurried off the craft and signed in (in pitch black light of course). Once signed in, we grabbed our bags and walked to our tents to drop off our gear before AGAIN following our noses to the DFAC which is open for Midnight Chow. Again, it was a nicely designed DFAC which had been recently... Renovated (yea thats the word).... After chow, I proceeded back to the tent and crashed (until the rest of the battalion showed up). I then helped a friend from Stewart with his stuff, and then I went to bed (which was around 0230 hours)... Only to be woken up at 0730 for chow. After Chow, we had a Camp Briefing, and then went to the flightline to see how our jobsite looked and how things were run *which looks VERY promising*. We then went to chow for lunch and had a tower briefing (which they explained how this is their first time working with 'us' but has been without any problems so far (until i get to them, haha). We were then released for the day in which I browsed the PX (which is small), but looked promising with the one TV that caught my eye. I also stopped by and got a haircut as well as coming by the internet cafe. Well, thats been my time so far in Iraq (will get selected pictures up when possible)

Love you guys

P.S. Yes, I am KMHD...

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