Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween, LIAR!

Last night we had about 77 young trick-or-treaters stop by. Hubs and I sat outside on the porch and handed out candy for a little over an hour. We ran out of candy about 7:15 so we had to call it a night earlier than expected.

There are many, many funny stories about last night, but I'll just share my favorite one. Two young girls came up to us to get their piece of candy and Cooper began licking them. He was pretty excited to see them and I think in his licking, he accidentally got the one girls sleeve caught on one of his teeth BRIEFLY. The girl started yelling out, "daddy! Daddy! Their dog bit me! He bit my sleeve!"

We reassured her that Coop didn't bite, but rather was just licking her.

As she and her little friend walked away, I tried to figure out what she was dressed like. I looked at Craig and said, "wonder what she was for Halloween."

Craig replied, "a liar."


I thought several girls were dressed up like the punk rockers of Guitar Hero. Turns out they were all Hannah Montana.

Same thing.

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