Thursday, November 15, 2007


Gadzooks, Scoots, is that all you do over there too? Every other line in your message was a trip to the mess hall - or whatever the new term is. You sounded so much like Grandpa when you talked about waiting while in the Army! He would be chuckling at your comments. That was always one of his major complaints that he used to tell us all about. Hurry up and wait.

Just to echo what the Mom said - if there is anything that you need OR especially if any of your buddies aren't as lucky to have the friends and relatives yo have, please let us know. We can send an extra phone card or pkg of socks or whatever. We can even do Hannukah cards!

How high do the temps get over there? Is it still really hot or does it get cold there, too?


Love you,

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