Monday, November 5, 2007

Days Go By

And then you hear from me. Things picked up a little over the past couple days in terms of training, which meant getting up before 0300 and being out till 1200 or so. And then we have weapon maint. and then food, relaxing (sleep). Only to get up early the next day for inventorying. So I have been a little wiped for energy, but today was a little better. Our ship date is approaching fast and some of the guys have a field exercise over the next few days (those who know my friends know who I am talking about...) So they arent too crazy about that. Especially with lack of communication on the training. Gotta love M.I. But anywho, things are good here and just waiting for the cooler temps in Iraq (cough cough). But will keep in touch with all the news from the good ole Middle East.
Love you guys!


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Chris said...

Don't catch a sniffle in all that cold weather David!