Friday, November 16, 2007


A very dear friend from my days at Silver Lake is a veteran of Nam. He was in the Navy. He lives in Georgia and we connect regularly through email. When I told him that you were in Iraq, DA, he asked for your email address and will get in contact with you. He has several buddies who are veterans down there and I guess this is something they do to help support our troops. I have the feeling that he doesn't want done to you what was done to them (or not done to them). So if you get an email from, it's friendly email. He knows your mom, dad, Uncles G & K. We all saw him last August at the 50th anniversary party.

Reports are you are tired - get some shut-eye, please.

It' Friday! YEAAAAAAHHHHH! Or, as I like to call it, POETS Day - Piss On Everyone, Tomorrow's Saturday! Grandma used to get a kick out of that when I'd call her Friday night after work and announce it to her.



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