Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Bored

Things here at the office are very quiet. We didn't even have any kids in today. I keep thinking of all the stuff I could be doing at home if I weren't sitting here trying to kill time until at least 4:00. On well. I did get my self pre-registered for the cruise. I'll bring all the stuff with me and Jennifer and I can sit down and scope things out and day dream until Feb. 1.

I went to the Post Office yesterday; Scoots, there's another box on its way to you. Don't know when it will arrive. Do you have a sense as to how long it takes for stuff to get from here to there? The post office here by the college is very helpful and considerate when I take stuff over to send to you. They rarely charge me full freight.

Donut, thank you for the complimentary comment on my last blog - we'll ignore your mother's addition! She has to stress that to everyone otherwise they think she's the oldest - they always have.

I put two boxes in the mail to you - they're headed for your office. I'll get them from you on Sunday (hopefully JJ will take me over to get them or you can drop them off at her house). Most of the stuff is wrapped, but some of it isn't. I'll take care of that stuff on Monday. I'll still have some finishing up of projects to do before Tuesday morning. I may put JJ to work helping me. It'll remind her never to work on projects that require a fringe!

They're saying we may get a little snow/rain tonight/tomorrow. I hope it's rain. It's also supposed to rain on Sunday, but that shouldn't prevent me from flying out. Hopefully it will get rid of all the ice and gunk on the streets and sidewalks.

Have a great day!


Love you,

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