Sunday, December 2, 2007


It's snowing here! Just a taste of what is supposed to come. This has been a busy weekend. I left my house yesterday morning at about 9:45 and didn't get home (except for a quick bite to eat) until almost 5:00. Donut ~ you've got nothin' on your aunt! Scoots ~ I've got another box ready for you. Did you get 2 from me? So, I should hold off on the Twizzlers for a while? I went to AC Moore, Wally World, the Hallmark store, a photog shop (wait til you guys see what I got there!), the car dealer to have their sign taken off the back of my car or I would have to charge them $500/month for advertising space, the manicurist and the grocery store. I was wicked tired when I got back here. My back may never forgive me.

I now have to start organizing what I have and see what's still on the "to buy" list. Any special requests, DA? Did you get the 2 envelopes that were in one of the boxes? I'm just checking to make sure that everything arrived ok. I get nervous sending stuff that it all doesn't arrive. I've watched too many M*A*S*H episodes.

Today was the first Sunday in Advent AND Communion so it was a late morning and then we had the annual Messiah concert this afternoon. I didn't sing in it this year, but I am going to work to build up my stamina so that I can do it next year. It was an amazing performance. The chorus - made up of mostly our church choir members - was fantastic. Grandma I know was watching and was thoroughly impressed. Grandpa was saying, "Not another hallelujah!" "Don't make me sing another hallelujah!" I helped with the reception afterwards and got home just a little while ago - and it's SNOWING here. ON MY NEW CAR!!!!! Maybe if it snows enough, I won't have to go in tomorrow - I doubt that will happen - but I can hope. I've got so much to do here at the house. I may have to be sick one day this week.

Time to find something to eat for supper - I only had 2 pieces of cheese at the reception - I'm hungry!

It sounds like you're doing pretty well over there, Scoots; I think about you a whole lot and you're on the prayer list at church. You and your unit. Everyone echoes my sentiment - KYHD!!!!! You can go on to my blog and post any special requests. How do you like my new car?

To quote someone we all know and love, "BEHAVE YOURSELF!"


Love you,

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