Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Box

I went to the post office this afternoon and there is another box on its way. It was a comedy of errors! I had packed the box up over the weekend, but hadn't addressed it nor could I find the customs forms. So I show up at the post office 15 minutes before closing and I realize I haven't addressed the box. So I grab an address label and a bunch of customs forms and then realize that your address is out in my car! So I schlep out to the car in the bitter cold and am trying to get me and the box and the forms all into the car without everything blowing away. So I get in and then I'm digging for a pen in the bottom of my purse, the forms have all fallen on the floor on the other side of the car and I can't close the door because my coat is stuck! FINALLY I tossed everything on the passenger's seat and started acting rationally - one form at a time. ALAS - I finally got my you-know-what together and got it into the post office before they closed. I even remembered to grab more boxes on my way out and then almost dropped them on the way to the car. Now we know why I wasn't named Grace!

Say goodnight, Gracie!



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