Monday, December 3, 2007

Mailed 4 boxes today

DA - I mailed 4 boxes of "stuff" to you this morning. Hopefully they will make it by Dec 25th. The wrapped stuff is for Christmas and the other stuff you can use whenever.This "Flat Rate" postal stuff is cool! $8.95 anywhere in the world!! It will be even cooler if all the stuff makes it!! I will have another box on the way in the next few days. I have to see if I can get my box to fit into a Flat Rate box. I think I can so be watching for box #5.

It was good to talk with you last evening. Perhaps one of these days I will figure out this Yahoo messenger system and we can chat online. I seem to be spending more time online these days!

Well - we had some rain yesterday also! It would get dark, then get light, pour buckets for about 5 minutes and then clear up. It did this about 3 times and then it got VERY windy and the temperature dropped fom 65 degrees to 35 degrees! Today it is sunny and clear, but chilly. I LOVE IT!!! Luckily we missed the storm that hit the upper midwest with ice and snow. I'll take snow any day but the weatherman can keep his ice.

Well - must finish my errands. I am off from work today since I worked the weekend.

Stay safe (and dry!) & KYHD.

Lots of love,
the Mom

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