Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let it snow!!

We had about 4 inches last night most of which melted today, but it started snowing again a couple of hours ago and we have had another inch or so. It is really beautiful out!! Unfortunately, it will be gone by Christmas because it is supposed to get up to 57 degrees on Thursday....oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

DA - I love the pictures you posted. I have only seen camels in zoos or at the Shrine at Christmas as we drive through the display of lights. I think we will be doing that Sunday night after Shennie arrives. The dad and I work next weekend, but we will head out after work on Sunday and make our annual trek through the Shrine and then out to dinner. Hopefully I will be done shopping by then!! I plan to finish up this Tuesday. That is my regular day off now.
Everyone at the office says HI and take care. One of our MA's is in the AF Reserves and her unit is heading to Afghanistan after the first of the year. She will be gone for 4 months. She said farewell to everyone yesterday and I thanked her for her service. I thnk she was really touched that someone said "thank you".

Chelsey was over a couple of nights this week. She seems to be well. She and Katie have spent some time together. They seem to get along well. I guess Katie has been working lots of hours. She mentioned the other day the she is planning on taking some courses this summer. Perhaps @ SWIC. I think she wants to go into the medical field - perhaps become an MA. We'll see how that works out.

I put more minutes on your calling card this week. Have you ordered/gotten your TV yet? How is the "chu" working out?? Let us know if you or anyone needs anything, OK??

Not much more to say right now.

Love you and KYHD.

the Mom

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