Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shennie and Sports

Ok, we know that's an oxymoronic statement - unless of course we're talking watching sports. Although, I did fence in high school - and even lettered in it! You can all stop laughing now - and you can google what fencing is!

Anyway, Chase Collegiate aka St. Margaret's School has a penpal program where they match up an alumna with a current student in the Middle School. My penpal is Sammie and we were penpals when she was in third grade and now we're penpals again while she's in 5th grade. This is part of the letter I got from her yesterday - I laughed for 5 minutes!

"So any thing new happening? I have been playing tennis with my friend Jenny. She goes to Chase Collegiate School with me. I play at the Middlebury Racket Club. After school I go with Jenny to her house and her mom drives us to tennis. I think tennis is really fun. Do you play any sports even though you are an adult?"

I'll wait while you all compose yourselves.

Well, can't talk much here. I've got squash practice to go to except that it's snowing and my tennis racket needs restringing! Alas, I am relegated to sitting and knitting. How shall I do it?

I've got 2 funerals to go to this week. ...and they announced 2 other deaths this morning in church. Is it 2008 yet?????

Oh, btw "the mom", the soprano soloist sang "The Birthday of a King" (at my request) this morning. She did a great job - I cried! How many times did we hear Doris or Harold sing that at Christmas?

My knitting needles are screaming! Love to everyone. Scoots - any Christmas list requests and KYHD!

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