Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Post Boxing Day!

Yesterday seems to have been a blur. I got up and packed. Kitten arrived at the house and she and JJ and I picked up the mom and we went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Then we dropped Kitten off to get her car and go home and get some sleep and the mom and JJ took me to the airport to fly home. Remind me to not bring any liquids and/or gels with me the next time I fly - or to pack them in the checked luggage. Both flights I had my carry-on bag examined. Oh, the corkscrew stays home too! Even tho' it is legal to carry (because it doesn't have a blade - have you ever seen the end of the corkscrew?) they have to check it out. But, nothing was confiscated and I didn't have to wait to board - went right on. I managed to knit 1.5 hats on the flight home. We made good time and I was in my house by 5:50 est. I checked everything out, started unpacking and then went over to my friend's house for dinner with another friend. It was all leftovers from Christmas, but tasted great. I was home by 8:00 and in bed by a little after 9:00. I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP AND GO TO WORK TODAY! I kept thinking of JJ having this week and next off.

Christmas was so nice, but we missed you a lot, Scoots. Cooper and one of the cats got into a tussle; that was the noisiest part of the day. Poor Coop was an innocent bystander to the sneak attack of the cat.

You'll be pleased to know that the family gave me an ipod - I need you to help me figure it out. Donut explained it all in 10 minutes and I have proceeded to forget what she told me. Oh well, I'll get it set up when I get my new laptop that Ben helped me order the other night. So, among the new laptop, the ipod and docking station, my new digital camera, and the digital picture frame, I'm getting to be quite the geek. Now, if I only knew what I was doing!

I absolutely love the picture of you and Chelsey. I've got it here in my area at work and check it out. I've been showing it to everybody. When the mom and dad got to that gift Christmas morning, the dad was holding it and trying to figure out what it was. The MOM got impatient, grabbed it from the dad, figured out instantly what it was and tore it open after immediately bursting into tears. We all had a good cry, and life went on til I got to my present. I picked it up, saw who it was from, felt around to see if I could tell what it was then turned to the mom and said, "You're not so special!". We all cried again and love it.

Ok, so we can hold off on the beef jerky and the sweet candy - I'll scour the shelves when I'm at Wally World this weekend for some appropriate replacements. Do you need hats, scarves, whatever to keep warm? Did the socks fit that I sent?

Chinese food for lunch is arriving. Will write more over the weekend. I hope your holidays are the best that they can be. We missed you at the dinner tables, but will save you a spot.

Love you and KYHD!

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