Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey Everyone

So christmas is over with, everyone is recovering from the food they enjoyed the excitement of christmas morning. For me, it was quite a nice christmas despite my location. For Christmas morning, I woke up at 0900 (midnight CST) to get ready to go to a Range. Now normally, I dread going to the range, but as most people know this was not a normal range. For aiding some Special Forces in some very, very successful raids in *********, Iraq, they wanted to repay with a special reward. So they invited the entire forward site crew to their compound located within the FOB to do some 'weapons familiarization." Once we got there and approached he table that was in front of the range, we saw the weapons in which we were to become familiar with: 2 customized fully-automatic AK-47s, 2 MP5s, an UMP .45, and the deadly Dragunov Sniper rifle (7.62mm round). Now mind you that the US uses 5.56mm rounds as they are known not to pierce through the targets and leave a nasty exit wound. The 7.62mm will do just that. And know that you can be 50 meters away. Or 1,000m. I can still hit ya!! lol.
Anywho, I am emailing ALL the pictures I have taken from Stewart the day I deployed up until christmas day to Chelsey so that hopefully she has better luck uploading them on here.

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