Saturday, December 22, 2007

Season's Greetings

With Christmas right around the corner, thoughts of happiness will fill the air. To some, the feeling of sadness may sink in with my deployment. For this will be my first Christmas away from family and friends. But do not let my absence cloud your day. Remember that though I am not there with everyone, I will still be celebrating christmas here. I've already setup christmas lights around my room. And I pretty much have my room to a style that I will be comfortable with for some time. I have a nice 19" LCD TV/Monitor, my XBOX 360, my ROCKBAND equipment all setup in the back of the room while I enjoy my sleep wth the A/C (or heat for the time being) blow on me at night. Thats right, these past couple days have been getting frightenly chilly. Temperatures have actually dropped to around freezing. I think the high today was like 45, and yesterday it was 38 with a low of 31. Tomorrow the high is 59(whew, warm) with a low of 37 (not so warm...) (Yes, my room is definitely hooked up!)

Things are going well here in Iraq. So far I have managed to rack up almost 200hours of flight time, and almost 100 hours of Mission Commander times (thats right Jennie, I get to do mission commander stuff in my job too, except with a multi-million dollar military system...) Anywho, for stuff to send I think you can start cutting back on the Beef Jerky. *Its actually starting to bother my mouth.* And a drop in sugar candy wold be good (same reason). But otherwise I have definitely enjoyed the stuff sent so far.

Oh, and if people havent heard yet, I have been going to the gym for a little while now and have put on almost 10 lbs of muscle. I am benching more now then I ever did in the states. An everything else is definitely a step-up from even my Army PT at Stewart. Well, its about that time to go fly a mission (Time to put on my MC cap and get to work.)


Chris said...

Merry Christmas David and all the rest of your family!

Jessica said...

Yea! So good to hear from you.

You should enjoy the package Craig and I sent- no sugar and no beef jerky. It's in a Miller Lite tin-- you'll enjoy it (and it's NOT beer!)

Love ya!

Chelsey said...

I swear, you could be sleeping on hay with potato sacks as blankets, your pillow the guy next to you, and if you had your electronics you wouldn't even blink, you'd still say you had your room set up and go on about your games.