Sunday, December 2, 2007


So apparently the saying," When it rains, it pours," is really true. After I signed off last night, i was maybe laying in bed for about 15 minutes and it POURED like crazy. For a good 45 minutes. It was insane. I finally fell asleep and woke up to drizzle outside my tent. And all the wonderful Iraqi sand... Was lovely Iraqi MUD. And it sticks to Army boots like gum on a shoe. And today was equally crazy. First we had weather issues that kept us grounded. Then our Mission Commander laptop crashed on us. and then once we swapped laptops and got mIRC up and running all nice, the power strip to our DVD Recorder and Mission Commander (MC for future reference) burned up. Well, first it hummed at us. Then moments later black smoke shot out from EVERY outlet in the strip (and near the power button as well). So we unplugged the strip, then powered down the wall outlet locally (Middle East has power switches to the outlets). I then got the liberty of taking the smoking power strip out of the TOC (Tactical Operational Center) and let it cool off while we aired the rest of the TOC out. We then called our maintainers and had them come check out our power outlets and transformer. Once given the go on it, we used a spare powerstrip only to find out that we are grounded... AGAIN due to weather. We did not get a single flight up until 2212Local time. And all this time, I WAS the mission commander (first day on the job... wonderful). We did get an hour in prior to the craziness and it was cool because we got to talk to and chill with some SF (Special Forces - Secret) guys. They were awesome and invited us to come shoot with them(Shooting meaning raiding their arsenal of seized weapons (e.g. AK-47s, Dragonuv Sniper Rifle) as well as watch an explosive demo (controlled detonation).) So, how was everyone else's day???


P.S. Shennie, I got your package today (That twizzler bag from before still needs to be finished off before opening this 2LBS bag... 2 LBS!!!)

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Jennie said...

Feel free to share the candy with other soldiers, there's more where that came from!

Any other candy that will survive a trip acround the world?