Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Up till Now...

So I know I have been promising pictures of Kuwait and Iraq, etc. and people know that the internet isnt exactly like home, but hopefully these pics will help spelling out the story I have been through so far...

Me in the cockpit of the 767

Getting Ready to Leave Kuwait

My last day in Kuwait

More to come!


Jessica said...

Yea! I was really excited to log on and see that you had posted.

I get a little worried when I don't see anything from you.

Cool pics. I heard you finally got a chu (?). Boxes from Craig and I are on their way to you!

Shennie said...

Everything is the same color over there!

Good to finally see a posting from you.

Think of us - we're supposed to get 6" - 10" of snow today. I'm heading home soon and will be in for the duration.