Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New Year!!

OK - so it is only 27 Dec, but DA's New Year will start before ours so.......

We had a great time with Shennie here for Christmas and I LOVE the picture. I have it at my work station right now, but I showed it to everyone at work first!! We really did miss you Christmas Day, but it was great to talk to you on the 24th and again yesterday. It sounds like you had a good day in spite of your geographical location. I'm sure the names of those weapons will mean something to the guys out there, but it is all greek to me! I know nothing about weapons, guns, ammo, etc....the Dad was in the military, I was just along for the fun of it! I am glad that you have one just in case....

Well - I'm keeping this short and I will apologize for typos, but Rascal is "helping"me type this!! He is laying on my lap with his head resting on my right arm making typing very interesting.

BTW - I am using my new laptop! Many thanks to Ben for getting it all set up for me last night! I LOVE IT! It is AWESOME!!

To Shennie - I guess these kids will get us into the 21st century inspite of ourselves!!

Love ya....KYHD!
the Mom

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